Cardinals Tickets Game 7 Missouri

Game 7 Baseball has teamed up with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2023 to offer exclusive discounted ticket pricing for Game 7 Tournament participants.                 

2023 DATES:

APRIL 14th vs. Pittsburgh Pirates - $28  R/L Field Box (1st level)

MAY 5th vs. Detroit Tigers - $28 R/L Field Box (1st level)

MAY 19th vs. LA Dodgers - $28 R/L Field Box (1st level) - $23 Right/Left Field Loge (2nd level)

MAY 29th vs. Kansas City Royals $23 R/L Field Box (1st level) 

JUNE 9th vs. Cincinnati Reds - $23 Right/Left Field Loge (2nd level)

JUNE 28th vs. Houston Astros - $23 R/L Field Box (1st level)   (on-field parade date) Game 7 World Series

JULY 14th vs. Washington Nationals $28 R/L Field Box (1st level)   (on-field parade date) Game 7 Allstar Showcase


For Cardinal tickets, please have one team/group representative contact the Game 7/ St Louis Cardinals Representative directly: 

Thomas McCarty (314) 345-9341

Dave and Dave